WATCH Lil Pump Destroys A Rolls-Royce & Brags About It: “Dropped 300K On Jewelry”

Florida rapper Lil Pump is out here acting like money’s not a thing. The hip-hop newcomer is going viral courtesy of new footage of himself destroying a Rolls-Royce.
A fresh clip shows Pump on top of the luxury vehicle and bashing its back window.

Lil Pump equally took to social media to show off the new ice he copped from the jeweler, informing his fans of exactly how much he spent. Pump dropped over $300K on his new diamonds, flaunting his freshly iced-out wrists, neck, and digits for the camera. His new jewelry looks incredibly fine, with VVS details making his watch and bracelets shine in the California daylight. Before breaking out in his famous ad-lib, the rapper made a subtle announcement in the caption to his video.
“ESSKEETIT MUSIC VIDEO DROPPING THIS WEEK,” Pump excitedly wrote following his $300K claim. The track, which is self-produced, has been teased to no end by Pump who will be sure to include it on the upcoming Harvard Dropout mixtape. The song, titled after his adored ad-lib, has the potential to be Pump’s next big hit as he has been approved by the younger generation of hip-hop fans.
Having recently signed for $8 million, the Florida rapper has the liberty of dropping such an exorbitant amount of cash on jewelry. Especially since he lives in the humid Florida climate, his investment may end up keeping him cool during the summer months. Keep an eye out for the music video next week.
A few days ago, Pump signed a monster record contract with Warner Bros. Records.
This is the second round of trying to get a valid contract between Warner Bros. Records and Pump. The first contract was invalid because it was never validated by the court and he’s a minor — 17 years old. According to the contract, Warner Bros. Records agrees to pay Pump an $8 million advance, and then $9,000 for the first year, $12k for the second and $15k for the 3rd through 7th contract years.
Once the news went viral, Pump came forward to confirm the $8 million deal and clarify its terms.
“Man, I don’t know where y’all heard all that other bullsh*t. I got $8 million for one project and that’s it! I see y’all pretty mad but your favorite artists ain’t getting 8 million for a project.”


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