Top Five WWE Superstars Who Should Have One Last Run

A returning WWE Superstar is one of the most exciting things for a fan to witness. Whether it be a childhood hero, a mid carder that you’ve dearly missed, or a former World Champion, a proper return can electrify an arena, change the direction of a show, and draw back old fans. Here are five WWE Superstars that should make one last WWE run before retirement.

Honorable Mentions-

AJ Lee
John Morrison
Bobby Lashley

5. Michelle McCool

As seen in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, McCool’s still got it! McCool had an impressive return in early 2018, eliminating multiple Superstars in the Rumble before eventually being eliminated herself. McCool could be a mainstay Superstar on SDL as she still has the look, strength, and stamina to hang with the women of today. McCool returning for one final stint before retirement would be a great capstone to an underrated career.

4. Evan Bourne


Former WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne was a fan favorite high flyer before a foot injury sidelined him. Before he could make his return, he was out the door. To fans of his, the loss was devastating. Bourne had put in so much work to get to the WWE, and in an instant, we were left with the emptiness of an open spot on the roster.
Of course, Bourne, who now goes by Matt Sydal on the indy scene, has done extremely well for himself, even joining the prestigious 5-star match club after his six-man PWG match with the Young Bucks, Will Ospreay, and more. I would love if WWE gave Bourne a second opportunity with the company because I believe his in-ring style would fit perfectly in the Cruiserweight Division. Bringing another big star to 205 Live can only help the product.
3. Rey Mysterio

The 2018 Royal Rumble proved that Rey Mysterio is still over as hell with the fans, as well as being a terrific in-ring performer. Mysterio just signed with NJPW, however, the luchador deserves one more big push under the WWE umbrella before retirement. Mysterio has the star power and skill to feud with anyone in the WWE, so hopefully, he makes his long awaited full time return sooner rather than later with a roster overflowing with talent.

2. Rob Van Dam

Rumors in late 2017 killed people’s dreams of Rob Van Dam ever returning to the WWE ring. Van Dam claims that WWE would never clear him under their new concussion protocol, however, RVD is one of the most entertaining, unique, and electric performers in ECW and WWE history. I’d love to see RVD receive one last big push with the company, even if it’s just in my dreams. Mr. Monday Night’s charisma has led him to a World Title in the past, but RVD fans are thirsty for more Frog Splashes. The marijuana enthusiast has no problem laying home in California, but I can’t help but wonder what RVD would bring to the table in 2018.

1. The Rock

Who else but the most electrifying man in sports entertainment should top off this list? With The Rock as a full time movie-star, fans were never treated to a true retirement angle for one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. I think that The Rock should make one final WWE run before officially hanging up his boots. The Rock’s sporadic and random WWE returns are fun, but I believe the WWE Universe would get more substance from Rock’s farewell tour than a 10 second Wrestlemania match every 5 years.


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