President Barack Obama Shares His Top Favorite Songs of 2017

During his time in the white house,the  former united state president, Barack Obama has made it publicly known that he could make a mean playlist. Now, he continues the normal tradition with an unnumbered list of his favorite songs of 2017.

 “I will be right there with you, as a united state citizen, for all my remaining days…” By keeping up with this playlist tradition, it could be seen that Obama is only making sure that his word still stand when he announced at his farewell speech.

some of the  tracks listed but not limited includes  SZA (Broken Clocks) Chance The Rapper (First World Problems) feat Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean(Chanel), Travis Scott(Butterfly Effect), DJ Khaled (Wild Thoughts) feat. Rihanna and Bryson Tille, Kendrick Lamar (humble), JAY-Z(Family Feud” feat. Beyoncé), and many more artists.

Listen to obama’s favorite tracks below.

Michael Cogswell

Michael Cogswell is a New York-based, Ohio-bred online freelance writer and editor

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