Nicki Minaj And Nas Reportedly Break Up

According to a recent report by TMZ , the romantic relationship between the Anaconda rapper, Nicki Minaj and the Illmatic legend Nas is reportedly over. One of the most interesting relationships of 2017 were undoubtedly Nas and Nicki Minaj. As it is with most celebrities relationship break ups, the reason for both rappers recent ending of their romantic relationship which kick started way back in May of 2017 was dissolved for any other reason other than geographical reasons (it is strenuous and overwhelming on both of them ) – Nas and Nicki resides in different cities. Nonetheless, it seems like they will still remain on relatively speaking term. Several gossip blogs recently reported that Nicki Minaj was pregnant with his Nas’s baby but TMZ’s source immediately debunked the reported online flying rumors. Another source close to both rappers also reported that despite the new development both emcees will still work together on a musical landscape when the opportunity presents itself.

The news of Nas and Nicki Minaj ending their relationship will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many as a couple weeks ago in the last period of 2017, both artists were seen enjoying themselves together during Nas’ 44th birthday party.


Now that they’ve split, they’ll both have more time to focus on their own ventures in both music and business.

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