Man Accused Of Murdering Rihanna’s Cousin Apprehended

Rihanna’s cousin,Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, was gruesomely shot and murdered last week on boxing day in his home town and the hitman suspected to be the mastermind of the senseless slaughtering has been arrested and charged in connection with the demise of the 21 year-old Tavon.

The unfortunate development prompted the state police department to swing into action by tirelessly searching for the culprit and, it appears they have now found their target, 23-year-old Shawayne DaShawn Williams of St. Michael.  Shawayne DaShawn Williams, of Whitehall #1, was made to stand before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the No.1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, charged with the murder of 21-year-old Tavon Alleyne on December 26, 2017. The gathering saw some eager passerby trooped outside the courthouse. Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne’s other siblings were also seen gathered with the crowd. The suspect, 23 year-old Williams showed no regret as the charges were read out to him. However, Williams was not required to plead or enter a plea at the time and as a result of that, he will be held in the state prison until January 31, 2018.

On the 26 of December Rihanna’s cousin, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne was walking on the pedestrian lane alone through a track near his home at Lakes Close, Eden Lodge, St Michael, when he was approached by a man who shot him multiple times. Then, the killer immediately fled the scene. Alleyne was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital by a good Samaritan where Tavon later succumbed to the fatal gunshot he sustained and died that same day at the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It is worthy of mention to state that Rihanna had a good time with him the day before on Christmas. On hearing the unwanted development, Rihanna took to her social media platform to speak her voice to the lingering incessant chorus of pleas for an end to the rising gun violence in the United State. A lot of people have been unfortunately loosing their families and love ones to the epidemic of gun violence. In the wake of 30 murders, including 23 that were gun-related last year.


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