Jay-Z Said Jesus Was Autistic, Bad Role Model?

Did Jay-Z say Jesus was autistic and a bad role model? That’s what one website known for peddling fake news wants readers to think.
“Jay-Z: ‘Jesus Was Autistic 33-Yr-Old Virgin; Bad Role Model For Boys,’” reads the headline from YourNewsWire, which alleges that Jay Z said not only that, but also told a group of people that Jesus “clearly had problems in the head” because he “made no money and got zero [expletive].” The site alleges Jay-Z made the inflammatory comments “during a high-profile pit stop at Playroom Nightclub” in New York City on Sunday.
In addition to the aforementioned contentions, the blog further claims he praised Satanism as the “real American religion,” and championed “putting your trust in Lucifer.” “Unlike Jesus, Lucifer actually gives back. Lucifer rewards hard work,” states one of the quotes attributed to the rap legend. Other purported quotes involve calling Jesus a “racist white boy” with a “retard act.”
Here’s what’s true about this story: The performer did have a night out at Playroom. Here’s what’s not true about this story: Everything else. Jay-Z racked up an epic bar tab at the venue, which was one of several stops he made that night to celebrate the president of Roc Nation Sports, Juan “OG” Perez. They were joined by other companions, and, according to a receipt shared on social media, spent more than $91,000 at the establishment.
While the blog claims Jay-Z was “very outspoken” during the public outing, not a single legitimate publication has reported him making the alleged inflammatory comments. And while videos have surfaced from the excursion, not one shows Jay Z  uttering such controversial remarks.
It appears the quotes were fabricated, as a Google search indicates they originate with YourNewsWire and cannot be substantiated. Unfortunately, they are now also circulating on a few similar platforms that copy and paste wild claims without verifying them first. This certainly isn’t the only time the outlet has put crazy words in the Grammy winner’s mouth, leading fake news about him to spread across the web.
Back in November, for example, the website actually claimed Jay-Z called Jesus himself “fake news.” It was alleged that Jay Z went on a rant about the religious figure at one of his concerts. That was also deemed a “disturbing conversation,” and just like now, there was no evidence that it ever actually took place. These tales are arguably creative. They just aren’t real.

Michael Cogswell

Michael Cogswell is a New York-based, Ohio-bred online freelance writer and editor

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