Drake: Keeping Son A Secret Was ‘Most Painful’ Decision Of His Life

Drake shockingly confirmed that he has a secret son on some tracks for his new album ‘Scorpion’ and although he finally opened up, he had a very good reason for choosing to keep things under wraps up until now.
Drake, 31, finally revealed that he is, in fact, a daddy to his 8-month-old son Adonis, in the tracks “Emotionless,” “8 Out of 10” and “March 14” on his new album Scorpion but before he let the world know, he felt intense fear about the whole shocking situation and it’s one of the reasons he decided to keep the baby out of the spotlight at first. “Drake did not see his child as much as he wanted to because he was scared,” a source close to Drake EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Drake was afraid of the reaction of the world, his fans, and his friends, and how it might affect his image that he had a child with a woman he barely knew.” Drake’s son’s mother is artist and former adult film star, Sophie Brussaux, whom he apparently only met twice, according to his lyrics in “March 14”.
As with any new father and especially one who had a baby with a woman he didn’t know well, Drake felt like he had to get used to the new role before being comfortable with the public reveal. “It took Drake time to process becoming a father, and some time to be OK with everything,” the source continued. “It helped to write about it, share the news with his fans and come to terms with everything. It all happened so fast and it has taken him this long just to be OK with becoming a father, and it all still feels surreal for him.”
Despite his struggles, Drake is doing everything he can to make sure his son is being taken care of and hiding him from the world was one of the initial things he decided to do to keep that reassurance. “Drake is doing the best he can by his son,” the source explained. “He was trying to protect him from the world, keep him secret and private, and in the long run he thought he was doing what was best. Keeping his son secret was the toughest, most painful decision in his life and one of the hardest things Drake has ever been through. After the secret began to leak, he realized he needed to take action. Now that the secret is out, Drake feels incredible relief and like a huge weight is off his back. Now that he too has been able to share the news of his son with the world, Drake feels he will have more room to spend more time in the open with Adonis. Drake admires how close DJ Khalid is with his son, Drake wants that too.”
Before Drake had the opportunity to openly be with his son, rapper Pusha-T outed the singer’s status as a father last month in his track, “The Story of Adidon”. The track was part of the ongoing feud between him and Drake which consisted of the two of them calling each other out on social media and in songs. Although there was some speculation about Drake possibly having a child last year, the feud brought out more details than ever before which is what eventually led up to Drake’s big reveal.

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