Birdman Calls Lil Wayne The Best Rapper Says Tha Carter 5 Will Be Out This Year

The release date for Lil Wayne‘s twelfth  studio album Tha Carter V has been a decision held in hostage for close to six years. But, Cash Money chief and musical father to Wayne, Birdman has recently expressed a high level of assurance that the lengthily postponed album will drop this year, 2018.
In a recent interview, Birdman dropped the news saying, “Without a doubt. You will get [the album] this year.” He also states the delay was worthwhile. “It’s gonna be well worth the wait.”
Despite Birdman and Lil Wayne’s strained relationship, Birdman continues to speak highly of Wayne’s performance, dropping considerably pleasant commentary about the LP. He even believes Tha Carter V will be “the biggest album of 2018.” “He is the best ever if you ask me. A lot of success coming from under his umbrella.”
That “success coming from under his umbrella” plays a role in the three-year tension in their once like father, like son relationship. Due to several disputes with Cash Money, Tha Carter V has suffered severe confusion with its release date which eventually leads to Wayne filing a $51 million lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money alleging the label was on the verge of withholding the album’s release along with a multi-million dollar worth check.
Reportedly, just last year, the “A Milli” rapper ingrained against Universal Music Group a converted lawsuit accusing them of teaming up with Cash Money to forbear the money he earned for his deeds fostering the success of Young Money acts, Nicki Minaj and Drake.
Birdman also puts in contrast the careers of Wayne and Tupac Shakur putting into retrospect the stronghold of their discographies. Tupac had 100 songs, before that we never knew of that shit. Wayne had 100 features. That shit is not normal in our business today. A ni**a might not want to hear two features from your ass. Let alone 100. Wayne had 100 No. 1s,” said Birdman. He also touched base on his relationship with Toni Braxton, deeming the songstress as a certified legend.
There is a great chance if Cash Money sincerely drops Tha Carter V this year, perhaps, Lil Wayne may come around when it comes to Birdman or, he will continue to stand his ground which seems likely at this point.

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