Will Smith thanks fans in 43 different languages after hitting 10m followers on Instagram

Will Smith noted that he had been hesitant to join the photo and video sharing app but was finally pressured into it.
Will Smith is thanking his fans for getting him to 10 million followers on Instagram. In 43 different languages!
The excited veteran actor shared a video which was a compilation of all his Instagram posts, and boy was it fulfilling to watch.

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10 Million – THANK YOUS to my New Instagram Fam! . Obrigado | Gracias | धन्यवाद् | Grazie | شكرا | Merci | Danke Sehr | 谢谢 | Спасибо | ありがとうございました | ‎תודה | Ευχαριστώ | Mahalo | Gràcies | 감사합니다 | ขอบคุณครับ | Tak | Hvala | Děkuji | շնորհակալություն | Dankie | Faleminderit | Takk | Dank je | Tänan | Kiitos | Köszönöm | Ngiyabonga | Terima Kasih | Paldies | Ačiū | Благодарам | Grazzi | Баярлалаа | Dziękuję | Mulţumesc | Ďakujem | Tack | நன்றி | teşekkür ederim | Дякую | Diolch | Murakoze | ممنون | გმადლობ | Asante | Sag boluň . (Extra special thanx to you @roger.avary)

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Celebrities have begun to value their social media presence and all it’s  many benefits, and we all know who they have to thank for that.
Yup! Their fans.
This means they have been careful to show appreciation for every milestone they hit on social media.
But as different as these celebrities are from one another, they show their gratitude in different ways. From nude photos to mushy notes, fans have definitely had a reason to keep following.

Selena Gomez, who was the most followed celebrity on Instagram throughout 2016 and 2017, is still on a roll with 133 million followers on Instagram.
Another celebrity worthy of note would be Kim Kardashian who has kept her adoring fans wanting with more nude photos. Whatever the case may be, these celebrities know the secret behind showing gratitude and are harnessing it to the fullest.
Big congrats to Will Smith.

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